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Why Choose Our Post-Frame Construction?

We appreciate your interest in Quality Structures Inc. and would like to assist you in designing a building that will meet your needs at a fair price.  At Quality Structures Inc. we are committed to providing you with hands on support from the design process through to the completion of your new building.  

One QSI ADVANTAGE is summed up in two words, MORE LUMBER! The closer spacing on our posts and trusses and the amount of bracing leads to a visible difference when you step inside.  We want your building to be able to weather the storms common in this area.  For the cost-conscious customer maintaining our common length, width and height size will get you more for less.

A post-frame building from Quality Structures Inc. is simply the best value for the money.

Standard Features

We have distinguished ourselves from the competition by incorporating standard features into our buildings that create the QSI ADVANTAGE.

  • Continuous ridge ventilation
  • 29 gauge steel on roof, sides, trim
  • 4’ O/C trusses @ 4/12 pitch
  • 8’ O/C sidewall glue/nail laminated columns
  • Ledger Loc fastened 2-ply truss supports
  • 2’ O/C 2x4 roof purlins
  • 2’ O/C 2x4 side girts
  • Treated 2x6 skirt at ground line
  • Steel rodent guard at base
  • 42” post holes with concrete footings
  • Rebar through post to prevent uplift

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“I would like to compliment you and your workers for the great job you did on my buildings. I am very pleased with the quality and the finished product. You have some good employees who are nice to work with.” more »

“Thanks for everything. The building looks great!“
Mike, Pleasanton
more »

“I enjoyed working with all the guys.“
Todd, Sterling
more »

“I was impressed with crew’s efficiency.“
David, Great Bend
more »

“I'm happy with the building.“
Brian, Larned
more »

“I've very happy with crew and building.“
Chris, Lyons
more »

“I'm impressed with workmanship.“
Darryl, Abilene
more »

“I'm very happy with building, crew and everyone.“
Scott, Parker
more »

“I'm thrilled with the crews.“
Shayne, Culver
more »

“I'm very pleased with all the crews and the finished product.“
Dept. of Wildlife.
more »

“I am very happy.“
Joe, Overbrook
more »

“I took time off to watch and help. I was really impressed and couldn’t say enough good things about the crew.“
Noel, Spring Hill
more »

“I'm very pleased with all the crews and very happy with building.“
Mary, Benedict
more »

“I'm very pleased and would recommend QSI to anyone.“
Henry, Mound City
more »

“I'm amazed at thevworkmanship.“
Joan, Colwich
more »

“I'm thrilled with the building and will refer others.“
Bob, Andover
more »

“Great job.“
Martin, Hartford
more »

“I'm very pleased. You can tell the crews take pride in their work.“
Frank, Kincaid
more »

“I'm very satisfied and hope to build another building before the end of the year.“
Stephen, Winfield
more »

“I love the crews, they worked their guts out.“
Bill, Great Bend
more »

“Sam & his crew were excellent. The concrete was as good as I've ever seen.“
RS Services, Mound City
more »

“The crews did an excellent job, especially with the heat. Hardest working fellows I've ever seen. Concrete was excellent.“
Richard, Belton
more »

“I couldn’t be happier. I'm pleased with every aspect of the sale.“
Dale, Pleasanton
more »

“Looks great!“
Susan, Bucyrus
more »

“I'm pleased with the building crew and guttering crew, efficiency and tidiness. I'm also impressed with the amount of wind bracing in the roof.“
Marty, LaCygne
more »

“I'm really impressed with your company.“
Keith, Paola
more »

“The building crew did a great job. The concrete crew went to a lot of extra effort.“
Denny, Wellsville
more »

  • NFBA
  • ICC
  • Better Business Bureau Member


Post-frame buildings are also extremely adaptable. From small garages and workshops to large warehouses, machine shops, schools, annexes and more, Quality Structures can design and build the perfect post-frame building for your needs. Post-frame buildings allow for an almost limitless variety of exterior facades and interior designs, so your building looks exactly the way you want it to. Best of all, post-frame construction allows for maximum interior flexibility – you're free to move interior walls to suit, or eliminate them altogether.


Post-frame buildings from Quality Structures are extremely efficient. You'll save money right away with lower labor and materials costs versus steel or brick structures, and your building will be ready for occupancy sooner.

Once completed, your post-frame building will continue to save you money with superior insulation properties and weather resistance. That means you'll have a more energy efficient and durable structure.


Our post-frame construction is stronger and more durable than conventional low-rise wood frame structures.

Designed to withstand almost anything the weather can dish out, post-frame structures are engineered to be self-bracing, wind and weather resistant, and built with the best materials and workmanship for superior performance.


  • Free estimates
  • On-site consultations
  • Professional, courteous sales staff
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Detailed, efficient install crews


  • 3-ply laminated columns
  • #2 and better framing lumber
  • All steel entry and garage doors
  • Rust resistant painted steel exterior
  • Screw application on steel exterior


  • 60 yr. column warranty
  • 40 yr. steel warranty
  • 10 yr. entry and garage door warranty
  • 5 yr. workmanship warranty
  • Builders risk policy


  • Engineered to meet or exceed local codes
  • 90 mph wind load
  • 30 lb. p.s.f. truss load
  • Trusses designed for a ceiling load
  • Roof and wall wind bracing

Stronger, more durable buildings that adapt to changing needs and deliver a low total cost of ownership. It all adds up to a post-frame building from
Quality Structures Inc..

Framing Elevation

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Sidewall Elevation

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Floor Plan

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