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Material Only Kits

Here is why a Material Only Kit from QSI is
the right choice

QSI is excited to announce the availability of Material Only Kits.

No shortcuts here. QSI will ship the exact same materials to you that we use on our QSI erected buildings. Whether you are building in a code compliant area or an un-coded area, you get the same building kit. We don’t cut any corners. We’ve built our reputation on delivering a high quality product at a highly competitive price. When we decided to offer Material Only Kits, we made the decision to maintain the same level of engineering, maintain our 4’ on center truss spacing and offer the same manufacturer warranties that come with all our buildings. The only difference is you are providing the labor to erect the structure.

All kits come with:

  • Complete, itemized material list so you know where every piece goes
  • A Fully illustrated construction manual to assist in the building process
  • CAD prints designed to your building specifications for layout purposes
  • If required – stamped engineered “typicals” to assist in permit application
  • Got a question during construction????? Call tech support at

Looking for an Estimate?

Building parameters:

  • Max width 60’
  • Max height 16’
  • Max length 120’

Standard features:

  • 8' o/c 3 ply laminated columns – 60 year warranty
  • 4' o/c engineered trusses – 10LB bottom cord load so you can hang a ceiling from them
  • 90 MPH wind load – 30 lb. truss loading
  • 29 Ga. steel in 18 colors with 40 year warranty
  • All purlins and girts 2' o/c
  • "Footing Pad" composite post footing system

Contractor Pricing:

If you are contractor interested in buying and erecting
QSI Material Only Kits give us a call at
1-800-374-6988 and ask for Rob Pearce.

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“I would like to compliment you and your workers for the great job you did on my buildings. I am very pleased with the quality and the finished product. You have some good employees who are nice to work with.” more »

“Thanks for everything. The building looks great!“
Mike, Pleasanton
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“I enjoyed working with all the guys.“
Todd, Sterling
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“I was impressed with crew’s efficiency.“
David, Great Bend
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“I'm happy with the building.“
Brian, Larned
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“I've very happy with crew and building.“
Chris, Lyons
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“I'm impressed with workmanship.“
Darryl, Abilene
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“I'm very happy with building, crew and everyone.“
Scott, Parker
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“I'm thrilled with the crews.“
Shayne, Culver
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“I'm very pleased with all the crews and the finished product.“
Dept. of Wildlife.
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“I am very happy.“
Joe, Overbrook
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“I took time off to watch and help. I was really impressed and couldn’t say enough good things about the crew.“
Noel, Spring Hill
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“I'm very pleased with all the crews and very happy with building.“
Mary, Benedict
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“I'm very pleased and would recommend QSI to anyone.“
Henry, Mound City
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“I'm amazed at thevworkmanship.“
Joan, Colwich
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“I'm thrilled with the building and will refer others.“
Bob, Andover
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“Great job.“
Martin, Hartford
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“I'm very pleased. You can tell the crews take pride in their work.“
Frank, Kincaid
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“I'm very satisfied and hope to build another building before the end of the year.“
Stephen, Winfield
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“I love the crews, they worked their guts out.“
Bill, Great Bend
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“Sam & his crew were excellent. The concrete was as good as I've ever seen.“
RS Services, Mound City
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“The crews did an excellent job, especially with the heat. Hardest working fellows I've ever seen. Concrete was excellent.“
Richard, Belton
more »

“I couldn’t be happier. I'm pleased with every aspect of the sale.“
Dale, Pleasanton
more »

“Looks great!“
Susan, Bucyrus
more »

“I'm pleased with the building crew and guttering crew, efficiency and tidiness. I'm also impressed with the amount of wind bracing in the roof.“
Marty, LaCygne
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“I'm really impressed with your company.“
Keith, Paola
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“The building crew did a great job. The concrete crew went to a lot of extra effort.“
Denny, Wellsville
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