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Frequently Asked Questions

What about the building permit?

It is the customers responsibility to apply for the permit if it is required. You will need to check with your local municipality or homeowners association on any restrictions (size, height, materials, etc.) or required setbacks from your property lines. Quality Structures Inc. will provide the specifications and drawings for your new building.

What about site preparation?

Excavation may be available through Quality Structures Inc. depending on your location. If you decide to provide your own pad you will need to provide us with a level building site approximately 3 feet larger than your building on all sides. Adequate provision should be made for drainage away from the site. Final leveling and grading may be needed after the completion of your building.

What building sizes are available?

We can custom build practically any size. You determine the size that best fits your needs. However using standard lengths and widths will be economically beneficial to you. Click here to see our Standard Lengths and Widths Chart.

What is the construction procedure?

The average lead time from signing a contract to completion of building can vary from 4-8 weeks, depending on availability of our crews. Typically our crews start the building process within a week of delivery of the materials. Construction time on a standard building is less than a week.

Who is responsible for cleaning up the scraps and trash when the building is finished?

The customer is responsible for the removal of the scraps and trash, but the crew will leave it in a pile, not scattered about.

What Are the Payment Terms?

Every project is done on a “pay as you go” basis. A 20% deposit is required at signing of the contract. 60% is due upon start of construction. The remaining 20% is due on completion.

What is the best way to insulate my building?

We provide a good, better, best selection to choose from based on your needs and your budget.

Good – Radiant Reflective insulation provides you with a condensation reducer and a reflective type insulation that reflects the heat outward in the summer and inward in the winter. This is an effective way to insulate your building if you want to heat occasionally in the winter time.

Better – QSI Advantage Microfoil provides you with all the above and a slightly better R-value with a tear resistant white finish for your building interior.

Best – QSI offers several options to improve the comfort of your building depending on your needs. We offer R-13 and R-19 fiberglass batt insulation, R-30 blown in insulation, open and closed cell sprayed in foam insulation, or a combination of the above. What-ever the insulation need, we have an option that will meet it.

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“I would like to compliment you and your workers for the great job you did on my buildings. I am very pleased with the quality and the finished product. You have some good employees who are nice to work with.” more »

“Thanks for everything. The building looks great!“
Mike, Pleasanton
more »

“I enjoyed working with all the guys.“
Todd, Sterling
more »

“I was impressed with crew’s efficiency.“
David, Great Bend
more »

“I'm happy with the building.“
Brian, Larned
more »

“I've very happy with crew and building.“
Chris, Lyons
more »

“I'm impressed with workmanship.“
Darryl, Abilene
more »

“I'm very happy with building, crew and everyone.“
Scott, Parker
more »

“I'm thrilled with the crews.“
Shayne, Culver
more »

“I'm very pleased with all the crews and the finished product.“
Dept. of Wildlife.
more »

“I am very happy.“
Joe, Overbrook
more »

“I took time off to watch and help. I was really impressed and couldn’t say enough good things about the crew.“
Noel, Spring Hill
more »

“I'm very pleased with all the crews and very happy with building.“
Mary, Benedict
more »

“I'm very pleased and would recommend QSI to anyone.“
Henry, Mound City
more »

“I'm amazed at thevworkmanship.“
Joan, Colwich
more »

“I'm thrilled with the building and will refer others.“
Bob, Andover
more »

“Great job.“
Martin, Hartford
more »

“I'm very pleased. You can tell the crews take pride in their work.“
Frank, Kincaid
more »

“I'm very satisfied and hope to build another building before the end of the year.“
Stephen, Winfield
more »

“I love the crews, they worked their guts out.“
Bill, Great Bend
more »

“Sam & his crew were excellent. The concrete was as good as I've ever seen.“
RS Services, Mound City
more »

“The crews did an excellent job, especially with the heat. Hardest working fellows I've ever seen. Concrete was excellent.“
Richard, Belton
more »

“I couldn’t be happier. I'm pleased with every aspect of the sale.“
Dale, Pleasanton
more »

“Looks great!“
Susan, Bucyrus
more »

“I'm pleased with the building crew and guttering crew, efficiency and tidiness. I'm also impressed with the amount of wind bracing in the roof.“
Marty, LaCygne
more »

“I'm really impressed with your company.“
Keith, Paola
more »

“The building crew did a great job. The concrete crew went to a lot of extra effort.“
Denny, Wellsville
more »

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